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Notification Log

The notification log is a rotating log file, much like the other logs generated by the system.  Fields are space-separated and records are line-separated.  Fields which may contain spaces (origin, title and message) are enclosed by double-quotes.

Date (Formatted) 1 The date on which this log entry was written.
Time (Formatted) 2 The time on which this log entry was written.
Date/Time (Milliseconds) 3 This is the millisecond time at which this request was started or finished (depending upon the Request Status.)
Version 4 Version number of this log entry.
Server Startup Time (ms) 5 Startup time of the application server in milliseconds (ms) since epoch.
Action 6 A string describing the action associated with this log entry; one of:

CREATED - the notification was created and registered with the system.
MARKED-READ - the notification was marked as read.
MARKED-UNREAD - the notification was marked as unread.
DELETED-USER - the notification was deleted by the user
DELETED-INTERNAL - the notification was deleted by the system.
Severity 7 The Severity (text) of the notification
Origin 8 The name of the creator of this notification.
Title 9 The title of the notification
Message 10 The message of the notification
Notification ID 11 The FusionReactor Notification ID. This is a UUID string assigned to the notification throughout its life.


Date (Formatted) Time (Formatted) Date/Time (Milliseconds) Version Server Startup Time (ms) Action Severity Origin Title Message Notification ID
2012-01-25 11:44:20.221 1327488260220 4 1327486508529 CREATED Info "frapi-notification.jsp" "FRAPI-Generated Notification-0" "This notification was generated by frapi-notification.jsp, a FRAPI test script." 5dc51a0e-32b4-4a63-b101-2fe1a7cf3c87