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Cloud State Log

Available only on FusionReactor Cloud licenses.

This log details changes in state of the Control Channel cloud connection channel.  A page describing the status of the channel can be found here.

Field Name Column Description
Date (Formatted) 1 The date of this state change.
Time (Formatted) 2 The time of this state change.
Date/Time (ms) 3 The millisecond instant of this state change.
Version 4 Version number of this log entry.
Server Startup Time (ms) 5 Startup time of FusionReactor server in milliseconds (ms) since epoch.
Channel 6 The name of the channel registering a state change: CC
Entry Type 7 F (first) or C continuation entry.
Previous State 8 The old state, one of NASCENT (starting up), FAILED or OK.
New State 9 The new state.
License Key 10 The license installed in this instance.
Message 11 A string indicating more information about the state change.
Exception (JSON) 12 A JSON-encoded list of exception stack frames, if an exception was associated with this state change.