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Welcome to FusionDebug, the interactive debugger for ColdFusion applications.  This document introduces the concepts you'll need to start debugging your own applications, guides you through the configuration process and gives you some helpful hints on using FusionDebug to best effect.

FusionDebug is delivered as stand-along install package, or as a plugin for the Eclipse Platform.  Eclipse is a universal framework for applications – not just debuggers – and provides many features that make developing interactive applications simpler.  We selected Eclipse because it already has a good tradition of being a comprehensive, well-supported, stable platform, and a proven architecture for debuggers.

Many other plugins are available for Eclipse – CFEclipse, for example, is a leading environment for writing ColdFusion scripts.  If you have CFEclipse installed too, FusionDebug will integrate with that environment when it needs to open an editor.  If not, don't worry – FusionDebug will also use the standard Eclipse text editor.

Please note that, as our recommended CF editing plugin, we give you the option of automatically installing CFEclipse directly from our stand-alone install package.

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