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FusionReactor is a low overhead Java Application Performance Monitoring  (APM) tool which gives developers total insight into exactly how code executes and performs at production run-time.  Designed for production environments and supporting a range of J2EE servers including WildFly, JBoss, Tomcat, WebSphere,  Jetty, and Glassfish, as well as Java-based CFML servers including Adobe ColdFusion, Lucee, and Railo.   FusionReactor is the leading monitoring solution for ColdFusion.

FusionReactor goes beyond traditional APM tools by :

  • Increasing application RESILIENCE with ‘Crash Protection’
  • Shortening the time needed to IDENTIFY DEFECTS and PERFORMANCE ISSUES  with our integrated, low overhead, production safe - ‘Error and Performance Detection tools’  – Production Debugger, Code Performance, Thread and Memory ProfilerMemory and Thread Profilers, plus the addition of the new FR 8 feature, Event Snapshots
  • Increasing application RESILIENCE with ‘Crash Protection’

FusionReactor gives you all the information to help you identify issues and performance bottlenecks as fast as possible – resulting in less downtime, more stability, faster applications and happier customers!


  • Event Snapshot are generated on re-occurring errors or log statements.   These event snapshots contain the variables and call stack when these errors occur.
  • JSON Capturing is now enabled so that will capture any json request / response is captured and attached attach it to the request details.
  • Log capturing is now enabled and captures the last 100 log will make errors and warnings while a visible within the request is running.details tab
  • Thread lock filtering is now available on the stack trace all threads page.  This allows feature enable you to filter on thread locks, so that only threads which hold or are waiting on the specific locks to be are shown.

Getting Started


Before you download FusionReactor, you should decide if you would like to use the Automated Installer or the Manual Java Agent Install - if you're unsure of what to do - read this