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Introducing FusionReactor Enterprise Scripting

FusionReactor Enterprise Scripting (available as part of the FusionReactor Enterprise / Ultimate Edition), enhances FusionReactor's Monitoring capability to enable scripts to be automatically triggered when a server's responsiveness status changes.

This feature can be used to perform any task which can be launched from a platform script. Examples might include:

  • Interacting with SNMP or enterprise monitoring/reporting systems
  • Performing automated restarts of affected instances e.g. restarting Java or ColdFusion
  • Sending custom email messages
  • Writing custom log messages

Since FusionReactor Enterprise Scripting is able to launch any platform executable (shell script, executable binary etc.), it may be tailored to virtually any environment.

Intended Audience

This technical document is targeted at FusionReactor administrators who are responsible for monitoring one or more FusionReactor servers using the FusionReactor Enterprise Dashboard. This document will guide the administrator through the new functionality, illustrating how and when FusionReactor runs scripts, and the best practices and caveats involved with automated scripting.

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