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Pre-Install Guide: FusionReactor

The sections below help you to choose the best installation option for your environment and provide useful information about the installation process of FusionReactor.

Which Installer do you choose...?

There are two main options to choose from - the "Automated Installer" and the "Java Agent Manual Installation". 

  • The main differences between these two methods are

    • The "Automated Installer" will install FusionReactor for you:
    • With the "Java Agent Manual Installation", you instead manually perform these steps (or you can script them for automation):
      • You place the FusionReactor JAR on your server (in a FusionReactor directory you would create).
      • You configure the JVM arguments for your instance(s) to be monitored, adding the FusionReactor Java Agent reference pointing to that FusionReactor JAR, and then you manually restart the instance(s). (There is no concept of a FRAM instance in a manual installation.)
        • Note that in order to use the production debugger (enabled in the FusionReactor Ultimate, Developer and Trial Editions) you will need to install the debug library separately, when performing a Manual Installation

Follow the sections listed below in order to see the main differences and steps in more depth.

Please follow the sections listed below for more information.

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