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FusionReactor provides you with an easy and quick way of deactivating a license key from a server and activate the same license key to another server. This page is going to guide you through that process with a step-by-step example.

In case you are using FRAM for installing your FusionReactor Instances, you will need to follow the steps below and successfully deactivate/move your license key to another server.

In case you have used a Manual License Activation, instructions about the Manual Deactivation can be found here, License Deactivation.

Please note that the steps described below are referring to FusionReactor 5.x and greater. If you are using FusionReactor 4.x and below, please follow the instructions described in the Technote.

Step 1

Access FRAM via your Browser. Depending on the port FRAM was configured with ( Default port 8087 ), you can then access FRAM from the browser by going to the following address:

  • http://localhost:{ CONFIGURED_PORT }

Step 2

When you have logged in FRAM, you will be able to see all the FusionReactor Instances that are currently installed via FRAM.

Step 3

Make sure your FusionReactor Instances are running, then follow the steps.

  • Access the Link URL.
  • Login to FusionReactor.
  • In the About page, press the Deactivate License button and make sure that the license key for that server has been deactivated. Before the License Key has been deactivated, a Window is going to pop-up and ask you if you want to deactivate the License Key. Press the OK button.


Window Message

Activate License Key


Deactivate License Key

Step 4

Repeat Step 3 for all your FusionReactor Instances.

Step 5

After you have deactivated the License Key from all your FusionReactor Instances, go to the About page of FRAM, FusionReactor > About, and press there the Deactivate License button. A message is going to pop-up again, press the OK button.

Step 6

Now that all your FusionReactor Instances have been deactivated and the FRAM License Key has been deactivated as well, access your FusionReactor Portal Account, FusionReactor Portal Account

  • Login to your FusionReactor Portal Account.
  • Go to your account.
  • Press the View Full button.
  • Go to the Activations tab, and make sure that all your Instances and FRAM are in the Disabled stage.



If the steps below have been completed, in your FusionReactor Portal account, you will be able to see that a server seat has been freed and now you are able to apply the License Key to another server.

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