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This page is going to guide you through the process of activating a valid license key for your FusionReactor instance(s).

Automatic License Activation

In order to activate your license key, please follow the steps below.

  1. Access your FusionReactor Instance via your preferred web browser. This can be done by typing the following into the URL field - http://<DOMAIN>:<PORT>, where <DOMAIN> will be the IP Address or domain name of the location in which FusionReactor is installed. The configured port is the port that you have configured for your FusionReactor Instance, this can be found in the configuration file for your application server in case you have forgotten. See
  2. Login to your Instance with the valid password, or create a new one if applicable.
  3. You should be brought to the About page.
  4. Paste your valid license key in the Insert 'New License Key' text area and press the Apply button.
  5. The license will be successfully activated and you will be able to see the green confirmation notice "License has been activated".

License Not Activated


License Activated

FusionReactor Portal Account

In order to make sure that your new License Key has been applied/activated, and that your FusionReactor Instance(s) are using the new License Key, you can access your FusionReactor Portal account to see which instances are using your license key. You can access your Portal account by following the following link: FusionReactor Portal.

You should see something similar. See screenshot below.

If you press the More Info button, you will be able to see the license key that has been used to activate the FusionReactor Instance.



  • In the case where your FusionReactor instance is using another license key ( Trial License Key, Expired License Key ), you should be able to Activate the new License Key without the need of Deactivating your old license key.
  • In the case where your license key has been deactivated from the FusionReactor instance, and the license key is still valid. You are still able to press the Activate License button and the license key will be activated again for that instance.


In the case where you are using FRAM for performing installations of FusionReactor instance(s), you will only need to activate your valid License Key for the FRAM instance itself, every subsequent installation peformed via FRAM will then apply that license key to all instances.

Here is a simple demonstration of this process with screenshots below.

FRAM is not Activated

FRAM Activated

Install a FusionReactor Instance

Access the FusionReactor Instance

The License Key has been automatically applied for this Instance.



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