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FusionReactor Production Debugger, "Debug", is a new set of functionality available in the FusionReactor Ultimate Edition from version 6.0. and FusionReactor Developer Edition as well as the TRIAL edition

The Production Debugger provides the ideal solution for developers to gain insight into how code executes at production runtime and includes the following feature set:

  • Rich IDE style debugger, which is completely built into FusionReactor and which allows breakpoints to be set, variables to be modified (during runtime), code de-compilation, stack traversing - as well as the usual step into, out of debugging features
  • Breakpoint Email Alerting.   Which consists of an email being generated whenever a breakpoint fires.   The email will contain the complete stacktrace information (at the time the breakpoint was triggered) plus all of the variable context information - which gives invaluable insight into understanding what's going on.

The Production Debugger delivers a "Production Safe" mechanism to set breakpoints and interact with your production runtime environment in order to get instant insight into production issues.

The Debug functionality is available from the navigation bar on the left side of FusionReactor and any paused threads are highlighted in the navigation bar at the top of the page.   The ability to create breakpoints in the debugger is available from the breakpoint page, any stack trace and the error details of any Transaction/JDBC Request/WebRequest.


  • Source code and line number specific breakpoints.
  • Java Method Entry breakpoints.
  • CF Function Entry breakpoints.
  • Field access and modification breakpoints.
  • Exception being thrown and exception caught breakpoints.
  • Email alerts.
  • Breakpoint samplers.
  • Conditional breakpoints.
  • Rate limiting.
  • Interactive debugger.
    • View source code when configured in the Sources page
    • View decompiled code for classes without source.
    • Change variables at runtime.
    • Step into, out and over source code.

Manual Installation

The debugger relies on a native library. If FusionReactor is not installed by FRAM, the Manual Debug Installation instructions must be followed to enable the Production Debugger.

Known issues and limitations

  • The Production Debugger is ONLY AVAILABLE on 64 BIT operating systems
  • - FusionReactor Production Debugger fails to start due to missing GLIBC_2.14
  • Rate Limiting ordering.
  • Exposing replace attacks or double submits.
  • Microsoft lock escalation from 1 request.

See the following documentation for more details:


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