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FusionReactor has a number of System Properties (-D arguments) that can be added in to the JVM configuration file. FusionReactor provides you with a number of System Properties that are related to Licensing. These methods can be very useful for auto deploy and auto scaling environments such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and OpenShift etc.

Below we are going to provide you with an example of how the system properties can be used.

System Properties Introduction


frlicenseString - license keyThis system property will allow you to explicitly specify your license key for the instance, making it non-modifiable from within the UI.
frlicenseservice.leastime.hintinteger - (minutes)This system property will set the license lease time to 10 minutes (shortest possible value). This means that if after 10 minutes, and the license is not renewed, the instance will become inactive, freeing up a server seat on your license.
frlicenseservice.deactivateOnShutdownboolean - true/falseThis system property means that when the JVM is shutdown cleanly, FR will send a deactivation message to the FusionReactor Portal and attempt to disable instance. If the JVM does not shutdown cleanly, then the deactivation event may not occur.


Here is a simple, clear example of using these system properties in practice for a configuration file on a Tomcat (7|8|9) server.


JVM configuration file
#FusionReactor opts
FR_OPTS="$FR_OPTS-javaagent:/opt/fusionreactor/instance/{instance name}/fusionreactor.jar=name={The name of your instance},address=8088 -agentpath:/opt/fusionreactor/instance/{instance name}/"
#License opts
LICENSE_OPTS="$LICENSE_OPTS -Dfrlicenseservice.leasetime.hint=10"
LICENSE_OPTS="$LICENSE_OPTS -Dfrlicenseservice.deactivateOnShutdown=true"

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