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Although the document below describes updating FusionReactor 6, the process is identical for FusionReactor 7

To start the update installation, login as user Administrator and run the appropriate executable as described in Executables. You will see a dialog as shown in Figure 1 informing you that FusionReactor is preparing the the install4j Wizard.

Figure 1: Preparing the install4j Wizard

Once the install4j Wizard is ready the Welcome Screen shown in Figure 2 is displayed.

Figure 2: Welcome Screen

Clicking the Next button will proceed with the installation and open the License Agreement screen as shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3: License Agreement

Please carefully review the license agreement, then choose the 'I accept the agreement' option (if you accept the terms and conditions) and click Next to proceed. Press Cancel if you do not accept the license agreement. This will exit the install4j Wizard. If you have accepted the license agreement the install4j Wizard proceeds to the FusionReactor already installed screen as shown in Figure 4.

Figure 4: FusionReactor already installed 

Click Next to start the update process. The install4j Wizard proceeds with configuring FusionReactor on your computer showing status updates on the Updating FusionReactor screen as shown in Figure 5.

Figure 5: Updating FusionReactor

Once the install4j Wizard is ready with the update configuration you will see the Confirm Settings screen shown in Figure 6.

Figure 6: Confirm Settings

In the Confirm Settings screen you can choose if the install4j Wizard should create a desktop shortcut to FusionReactor Administrator and if the FusionReactor AM Service should be started after all files have been installed. If you do not want the install4j Wizard to perform the creation of a desktop shortcut uncheck the option 'Create Desktop Shortcut to FusionReactor Administration Manager''. If you do not wish to start the FusionReactor AM Service at this moment, or wish to manually start the FusionReactor AM Service uncheck the option 'Start FusionReactor AM Service'.

Click Next to begin the update installation, Back to review the installation configuration or Cancel to exit the install4j Wizard.

As shown in Figure 7 the update installation of FusionReactor may take a few moments depending on the machine running the install4j Wizard.

Figure 7: Update installation progress

After the update installation has finished you are presented with the Installation completed screen shown in Figure 8.

Figure 8: Installation completed - Start configuring instances

Decide if you want to update the instances now or later. To update now launch the Instance Manager by clicking the button Start configuring instances.

If you wish to update your instances later uncheck the option 'Start configuring instances now'' which changes the Installation completed screen to the version shown in Figure 9. Click the button Finish and configure instances later to complete the install4j Wizard and update instances later.

Figure 9: Installation completed - Finish and configure instances later

The latest version of FusionReactor Administrator is now installed on your computer.

Update a FusionReactor instance via FRAM

After the successful execution of the installer, please follow the steps below in order to update your FusionReactor Instances.

  1. Access FRAM via your Browser and by typing http://localhost:{ CONFIGURED_PORT }.
  2. Navigate to the Instance Manager.
  3. Locate your FusionReactor Instances.
  4. Press the update icon
  5. Follow the Configuration Instance Dialogue.
  6. Successfully update your FusionReactor Instances.

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