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To uninstall FusionReactor start the install4j Wizard which will completely remove the FusionReactor directory including all of the generated data – please take care that you save any files you want to keep before running it.

Figure 1: FusionReactor Uninstall

The install4j uninstall Wizard starts with the FusionReactor Uninstall screen as shown in Figure 1. Click Next to continue with the uninstall or click Cancel to exit the install4j Wizard.

Figure 2: Instances Detected

The install4j Wizard will warn you about any additional FusionReactor instances that have been added with Instance Manager before. Not uninstalling additional instances may cause issues on these servers.

If you have other FusionReactor instances still installed the Instances Detected screen as shown in Figure 2 will be displayed. Click the 'Open FusionReactor Instance Manager to uninstall instances now' link to open Instance Manager in your web browser and uninstall the instances now. If you decide to continue without uninstalling the instances you have to acknowledge an additional warning dialog before you can continue with the install4j Wizard.

After the install4j Wizard has successfully removed all files you will see the FusionReactor Uninstall screen shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3: FusionReactor Uninstall complete

Click Finish to exit the install4j Wizard and complete the uninstallation procedure.

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