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In case you are not sure which installer you have to download or which installer will be the best fit for your environment, the sections below will help you through the  Manual installation method.

If you have chosen the manual installer, the following link will guide your through the installation process, FusionReactor Java Agent (Manual Install)

Video Tutorial Manual Install

The video tutorial below is going to guide you through the manual installation process.

FusionReactor Java Agent Manual Installation

In the Download FusionReactor page, you will find the "Java Agent Manual Installation" option. See screenshot below.

This installation method is also known as "Manual Installation" because you need to manually add the FusionReactor Java Agent in the JVM arguments of your Application server. With this installation method the FRAM (FusionReactor Administration Manager) instance will NOT be installed in your environment.  

Installing the Production Debugger

The documentation provides a step-by-step guide of the process of installing the Debug native library in order to use the Production Debug functionality in FusionReactor.   If you use the FusionReactor Installer the native libraries will be installed automatically, however if you are manually installing FusionReactor, for example in a AWS deployment, you need to deploy the additional lib file and configure it.

More information about this installation process can be found in the link below.


With the Manual Installation you will NOT have the FRAM instance installed in your machine, however, in the FusionReactor instance you will be able to see the Enterprise Dashboard. More information can be found here, Enterprise.

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