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In case you are not sure which installer you have to download or which installer will be the best fit for your environment, the sections below will help you through the installation method.

If you have chosen the automated installer, information about the installation process can be found here, Analytical Explanation/Installation Guide.

Video Tutorial - Automated Installer

FusionReactor Automated Installer

On the FusionReactor Download page, Download FusionReactor, you will find Automated installers for Windows, Linux and Mac OS (OSX).

FusionReactor Automated Installer (Includes FR Admin Console) and Pre-Configured (no JRE) option - See screenshot below.

    1. FusionReactor Automated Installer (Includes FR Admin Console): This installer will install FRAM (FusionReactor Administration Manager) in your machine plus the latest JRE agent version which is contained in FusionReactor's local directory.

      So what we mean by "plus the latest JRE agent version" ? The FRAM (FusionReactor Administration Manager) instance is a completely isolated entity from your Application server. The FRAM instance will use the JRE agent that comes with the FusionReactor Full Installer, whereas your Application server will use the Java version that was configured for that server. The FusionReactor Full Installer will not overwrite any current JRE configurations.


      In order to understand this more, we are going to use a simple example. For this example we are going to use the FusionReactor Automated Installer and a ColdFusion server.

    • The FusionReactor automated installer ships with it's own JRE (Java Runtime Enviroment) that is located in a folder called jre, within the Root installation directory. Upgrading this JRE will not affect any of your application servers unless you have pointed them to use this JRE.

    • A ColdFusion server will also shipped with it's own JRE, upgrading this JRE will only affect the specific ColdFusion instance unless you have specified the path to this JRE elsewhere. Servers such as tomcat or wildfly use typically the JAVA_HOME or JRE_HOME environment variable to determine the JRE to use, you can make FRAM use this JRE but this is the default option.                                                                                                                                            

      So, from all the above we can understand that the jre folder in the FusionReactor directory and in the ColdFusion directory are completely different. See diagram below.

      For more information about the installation process, check out the links below.

      1. FusionReactor Installer

      2. Install a FusionReactor Instance



        FusionReactor Automated Installer (Includes FR Admin Console): will NOT overwrite any current JRE configurations. It will be stored FusionReactor's local directory to be used only by FusionReactor.

              b. Pre-Configured (no JRE)This installer will install FRAM but will NOT install a JRE. Therefore, your environment need to have a JRE_HOME or a JAVA_HOME variable set. 

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