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License Type Table

There are three different FusionReactor Editions. The table below explains each Edition :

FusionReactor EditionMobile Application AccessEnterprise DashboardSystem MonitorStandard Daily Reports

Enterprise Reports
( See note below )

Production Debug

Production Profiler
Standard Edition ( STD )   (tick)   
Enterprise Edition ( ENT )(tick)(tick)(tick) (tick)  
Ultimate Edition ( ULT )(tick)(tick)(tick) (tick)(tick)(tick)

Enterprise Reports

Please note that with Edition Enterprise, or Ultimate you have access to Enterprise Daily Reports. The Enterprise Daily Report is an enhanced version of the standard Daily report. More information about the Enterprise Daily Reports can be found in the following link; This also includes the sending of Weekly and Monthly reports.

With an Ultimate license key you will also have access to the Production Profiler and the Production Debugger. More information can be found in the following links; Profiler and Debugger.


A perpetual license ( only provided as On-Premise ), comes with one year of maintenance.   Maintenance is then optional after the first year.   Monthly or annual subscription licenses always include maintenance i.e. if you're on a subscription, you may always upgrade to the latest version of FusionReactor.

This maintenance period means that you will have access to all upgrades and updates of FusionReactor until this period ends.

For more details about the Maintenance and how much the Maintenance is going to cost you, can be found in the following link: Maintenance Information.

Trial License

A trial license is a license that allows you to try out all the features FusionReactor offers for a period of two weeks ( 14 days ). After two weeks of receiving this license, it will expire.

This license is of a particular level, depending on the FusionReactor version being used:

FusionReactor VersionTrial License (Edition)
5.xEnterprise Edition ( ENT )
6.xUltimate Edition ( ULT )

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