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After a successful installation of FusionReactor on your machine, FusionReactor will require a valid license key before it will let you have access. In the scenario where you do not have a valid license key yet, click the following link and obtain a trial license and/or purchase one based on your needs: FusionReactor pricing.

This page is going to guide you through the process of applying a valid license key in FusionReactor.

FRAM License Activation

In the case where you are using FRAM to install your FusionReactor Instances, please follow the steps below.

  1. Access FRAM via your Browser and by typing the following URL: http://<DOMAIN>:<PORT>, where <DOMAIN> is the IP Address or hostname of your FRAM instance, and the <PORT> is the configured location you gave it during the initial installation process.
  2. Login to FRAM with the valid password, which also should have been provided via the initial installation process.
  3. Copy your valid license key into the Insert New License Key text area.
  4. Press the Apply button.

Not activated License


Activated License


When FRAM has been activated, you will be able to install FusionReactor Instances and those Instances are going to be activated without the need of applying the License Key again.

Manual Installation

If you are using a Manual Installation for installing FusionReactor instances, then you need to follow the steps below.

  1. Access the FusionReactor Instance via your Browser and by typing the following URL: http://<DOMAIN>:<PORT>, where <DOMAIN> is the IP Address or hostname of your FusionReactor instance, and the <PORT> is the configured location you specified in the configuration file of your application server. In case you have forgotten, See on how to find it.
  2. Enter a password and then confirm it again, then hit login. 
  3. Add your valid license key in the Insert New License Key text area.
  4. Press the Apply button.
  5. Your product should now be activated.

FusionReactor Login Page


License not Activated


License Activated


The links below are going to provide you with more information about the License Activation process.


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