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FusionReactor Production Debugger, "Debug", requires a native library to enable the functionality in FusionReactor. These native libraries are provided by the FusionReactor installer but if you need to manually install FusionReactor, for example in a AWS deployment, you need to deploy this additional file and configure it.


Debug does not support 32-bit operating systems or 32-bit versions of java running on 64-bit operating systems.

Simply copy the correct library for your operating system. View the table below to find your correct library

LIbraryOperating System
libfrjvmti_x64.soLinux 64-bit
libfrjvmti_x64.dylibMacOS 64-bit
frjvmti_x64.dllWindows 64-bit

and place this file into the instance directory for your configuration. E.g.



You need to add the native library into your java arguments the same way that the javaagent is configured. You must add the -agentpath argument which points to the correct library for your operating system. e.g.


You must have both the agentpath and javaagent configured for Debug to work.


Java only allows one debugger at a time to be used. If you use JDWP (Java Debug Wire Protocol) you need to disable it to use FusionReactor Production Debugger. Having 2 configured will result in a warning from FusionReactor Production Debugger saying it cannot acquire the capabilities to debug the java server.

Please remove lines like this from the java arguments:




JDWP may be written to the config by the server if you are running ColdFusion and have the Line Debugger enabled. This can be disabled at Debugging & Logging -> Debugger Settings -> Allow Line Debugging in the ColdFusion Admin Panel.

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