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Manually Installing the FusionReactor Java Agent

It's important to note the folder structure of: <DIRECTORY-PATH>/fusionreactor/instance/<INSTANCE-NAME>/fusionreactor.jar is adhered to. It's therefore recommended you use the following directory paths:

  • Linux<DIRECTORY-PATH>/fusionreactor/instance/<INSTANCE-NAME> 

    • Example: /opt/fusionreactor/instance/Tomcat8/fusionreactor.jar

  • Windows<DIRECTORY-PATH>\fusionreactor\instance\<INSTANCE-NAME> 

    • Example: C:\FusionReactor\instance\Tomcat8\fusionreactor.jar

  1. Create a directory called with the name of the instance under the /fusionreactor/instance/ directory

  2. Copy the fusionreactor.jar from fusionreactor/etc (or download it from the FusionReactor Website) into the directory

  3. Add the FusionReactor path to your JVM Startup Arguments for your server and then start/restart your application server

    1. Standard JVM argument paths:

      Linux Example:   "-javaagent:/<DIRECTORY-PATH>/fusionreactor/instance/<INSTANCE-NAME>/fusionreactor.jar=address=<PORT>"
      Windows Example:  -javaagent:<DIRECTORY-PATH>\FusionReactor\instance\<INSTANCE-NAME>\fusionreactor.jar=address=<PORT>
    2. Example paths can be seen below:

      Linux Example:   "-javaagent:/opt/fusionreactor/instance/Tomcat8/fusionreactor.jar=address=8088"
      Windows Example: -javaagent:C:\FusionReactor\instance\Tomcat8\fusionreactor.jar=address=8088
  4. Enter http://localhost:8088 in your web browser and log into FusionReactor

When you start your application server we recommend that you watch its standard-out and standard-error logs. If anything is misconfigured, you should be able to start debugging the problem from the output presented there.

Video Tutorial

Manual Installation of FusionReactor on Tomcat

Important Notes

If you have used a previous version of FusionReactor (i.e. v4.5.5 or earlier) then you must 

Manually Upgrading the FusionReactor Java Agent

  1. Download the new fusionreactor.jar from FusionReactor Website
  2. Locate the directory where the FusionReactor is that you want to upgrade, this should be in the directory you specified from the above documentation from the initial install. 
  3. Replace the fusionreactor.jar with the new fusionreactor.jar
  4. Restart your application server
  5. Enter http://localhost:8088 in your web browser and log into FusionReactor

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