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This page allows you to see all the notifications that FusionReactor has raised. Notifications are messages from FusionReactor's various subsystems that alert you to conditions which require attention, or are otherwise abnormal.

The amount of unread notifications can be seen as an icon on the Notifications tab at the top menu in FusionReactor that will look like this:

Notifications are color coded according to severity. A blue icon indicates an unread Info notification. An orange icon indicates an unread Warning notification, and a red icon indicates an unread Error notification.

For a detailed view you can navigate to this page by clicking on the Notifications drop down menu at the top of the page and then clicking on Notifications, or by clicking on a server in the Enterprise Dashboard page and then clicking on Notifications. Notifications are presented in a table with the following headings:





The subsystem or plugin which raised the notification.


The date and time the notification was created.

SeverityThe type or urgency of the notification. There are three severity types: Info, Warning and Error.


A succinct title, usually containing a summary of the condition.


A more verbose message. This may contain actions required to relieve the abnormality.


  • Mark Read - marks this notification as having been read.  It won't appear as a New Notification in Enterprise Dashboard, or the Notifications drop down. The row will be grayed out slightly to indicate this notification has been read. The Mark Read button will change to Mark Unread - which resets the notification back to its unread state.
  • Remove - removes this notification. Some notifications - usually serious issues - can't be removed. They will be removed by the originating system when the condition to which they pertain clears.

Global Functions

There are three global functions in the notifications page, represented by three buttons.

Mark All Read

Marks all notifications read.  They will not appear as New Notifications in the TOC indicator, nor will they appear in the Enterprise Dashboard (for customers with applicable licenses).

Mark All Unread

Marks all notifications as unread.  They will appear as New Notifications in the TOC indicator, and will appear in Enterprise Dashboard.

Remove All

Removes all notifications completely.

All buttons will be disabled when they have no logical function; for example if all notifications are unread, Mark All Unread will be disabled.


Since the Notifications list updates dynamically, there will be a short delay (on average 2.5s) until the page updates after a button press.  In the meantime, the button text is changed to "Wait..." to indicate that FusionReactor has received and processed the request, but that the effect hasn't been reflected in the page yet.

Enterprise Dashboard

Notification information is also sent to the Enterprise Dashboard. The cube icon will display a red badge whenever any new notifications are available, and the count of new and total notifications for each monitored server is displayed in the information block.

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