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Getting the App

The app is available on both Android (Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and above) and iOS (version 5.0 or later).

Logging In

When you first launch the app you will be brought to the login screen.

First, choose the server that you wish to connect to. For example, if you are accessing an internal server on a local machine over port 8087 then your URL may look like this: Due to the way that the addressing system works, the port number is not needed if you have the FusionReactor Account Manager (FRAM) instance mapped to port 80. Port 80 is assumed to be the port if the port is omitted from the URL.

The user details used to log in are exactly the same as the details used to log in to the web interface.

Select the user type you wish to login as from the combo box. There are three types (or levels) of users supported: Administrator, Managers and Observers.

Note that if you did not enter passwords for the Manager or Observer users during the installation of FusionReactor, then these accounts are disabled and you will be unable to login as these types of users.

Lastly enter the password relevant to the server you are trying to connect to (the password entered during the FusionReactor installation).

Once the required login information has been entered, press the "Login" button to login and use the application.


Using the App

Once you have logged in you will be brought to the login screen. Select a server cube to view the details about that server. Selecting a server will also cause the rest of the tabs to activate, to show more detailed information about that server.

Please note that in order for the app to be able to show more detailed information, the server will need to have been assigned an address which is accessible outside of the Enterprise Dashboard server.

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