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Using the FusionReactor About Page

After you have installed FusionReactor it requires a valid license key before you can use it. The initial About page as shown in Figure 1 indicates this by showing the message 'No license installed'.

Figure 1: About Page - No license installed

If you don't have a license key available yet visit the FusionReactor License Portal by clicking the link on the page.

To apply the license key enter it into the text input field (showing Insert New License Key) and click the 'Apply' button. If the computer can establish a network connection to the FusionReactor License service the license will be automatically activated and the About page updated as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2: About Page - License has been activated

If the computer cannot establish a network connection to the FusionReactor License service you will be redirected to the Manual Activation page from where you can activate the license manually.

Using a Java System Property

You can set the license used by FusionReactor by passing the -Dfrlicense system property to the JVM arguments. This method can be very useful for auto scaling environments such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and OpenShift because it means that FusionReactor can be licensed without a user having to enter the license key.


JAVA_OPTS="${JAVA_OPTS} -Dfrlicense=1FB94-595B8-BB0E9-5A9AD-E8777"


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