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AIR Enterprise Dashboard Installation

Enterprise Dashboard AIR Application

To use the application the Adobe AIR runtime environment is required. The latest version of Adobe AIR is available for download at the Adobe Download Center.

The FusionReactor AIR Enterprise Dashboard is available for download here.

Once you have downloaded the AIR file, open the file and follow the simple built in installation wizard, selecting an installation location and installing the application.

The AIR installation setup allows you to easily install the FusionReactor AIR Enterprise Dashboard. The setup can be used to uninstall, re-install and update the current version of the application (if a newer version is being installed).

Once the installation process is complete, you can open and use the application.

Important: Before installing a new AIR Enterprise Dashboard version please make sure that any old versions have been uninstalled to prevent any installation issues (once the new client has been installed, updates and installs between newer release will be back to normal and work as expected).

AIR Enterprise Dashboard Login

The first dialogue you will see when you open the application will be the login dialogue. This dialogue contains the relevant FusionReactor details are needed to login to the FusionReactor application:

Server, User Type and Password.

First, choose the server that you wish to connect to. For example, if you are accessing an internal server on a local machine over port 8087 then your URL may look like this: Due to the way that the addressing system works, the port number is not needed if you have the FusionReactor Account Manager (FRAM) instance mapped to port 80. Port 80 is assumed to be the port if the port is omitted from the URL.

Select the user type you wish to login as from the combo box. There are three types (or levels) of users supported: Administrator, Managers and Observers.

Note that if you did not enter passwords for the Manager or Observer users during the installation of FusionReactor, then these accounts are disabled and you will be unable to login as these types of users.

Lastly enter the password relevant to the server you are trying to connect to (the password entered during the FusionReactor installation).

Once the required login information has been entered, press the "Submit" button to login and use the application.


You will see there are some additional login options available:

If you want the application to remember your password for future logins, select the "Remember Password" checkbox and the application will pre-fill your password whenever you login.


Enabling this feature, will keep the AIR Enterprise Dashboard above / on top of any other applications (windows) that may be running on your system. To enable this feature select the "Show application always on top" checkbox.

Note with this feature enabled, the application can still be minimized removing and preventing it from blocking other running applications.


When the application is minimized the application icon will sit in the system tray. There is a feature that will remove / maximize the application on a server status change notifying you that a server has changed to either a warning or critical status. This will draw your attention to the situation and allow you to apply any needed action.

Ok Ok Warning Warning Critical Critical

Automatic Notification Ok Automatic Notification Warning

To enable this feature, in the section: "Undock form system tray when a monitored server is showing a status of:" select either the "A warning or critical status" checkbox (alerting both warning and critical server changes) or the "Only a critical status" checkbox (alerting only a critical change).



Please remember that in versions prior to 1.0.2, a forward slash "/" was required at the end of a URL. (e.g.

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