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Introducing FusionReactor JDBC Driver Wrapper

This documentation will take you through the steps to install the FusionReactor JDBC Driver Wrapper, and provide you with a few examples of how it can be used.

The intention of the Wrapper is to provide a thin layer between J2EE applications and JDBC-accessible databases, in order to intercept and observe the interaction between them.

The Wrapper can then report various useful metrics to FusionReactor, and can also step in to prevent runaway queries.  The Wrapper is fully integrated into the FusionReactor Administrator, and you can easily see all the queries which ran during a request, together with their runtime metrics and row counts.

Although the Wrapper is equally useful for JSP and Servlet deployment, this tutorial will illustrate the usage of the Wrapper under ColdFusion.


The Wrapper has its own User Guide, which comprehensively details all possible options, together with the JDBC URL syntax and error messages.

You should consult the User Guide when working through the tutorial.  The JDBC Driver Wrapper User Guide is the definitive reference for the driver.

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