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  • Uploading your License File
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To upload a license file, go to the About page under FusionReactor in the Table of Contents within either FRAM or an instance of FusionReactor and you will see a form with a file upload button (Figure 1).

Figure 1: License Upload

Figure 1: Click the 'Browse...' button and locate the license file. The license has the file extension '.lic', for example it may be called FR3Y1ENT-FR-0013284.lic.

Once entered, click the 'Upload New License File' button to upload to the license to FusionReactor.

Figure 2: License Upload

Figure 2: After submitting you will need to login again. You will see your new license details on the middle of the screen straight away when you log in and you will be able to find the same details on the About page under FusionReactor in the Table of Contents.You will then be given 10 days to activate the license. If the computer with FusionReactor is connected to the internet you can click on the "Activate Current License" link to activate it. For information on activating a license whilst you are either online or offline please see ??License Activation to find out how to activate your license.

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