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Welcome to the FusionReactor Installation Guide

Thank you for choosing FusionReactor to monitor your ColdFusion or J2EE server. You have reached the Intergral Documentation Center which contains all the information you will need to get up and running with FusionReactor and other Intergral products.
If you are looking for another page you can use our search feature located to the top right of every page.

These pages will describe how to use the FusionReactor Setup to install FusionReactor on Windows, Linux, Mac and Solaris. If you have not already done so you can download FusionReactor by clicking the download link to the right, if you are unsure if you can run the latest version on your server or would like to know if your operating system is supported please visit our requirements page.

Please continue to select the appropriate platform and we will guide you through the installation process.

Please Select Your Platform

The FusionReactor Setup will install the FusionReactor Administration Manager (FRAM). FRAM provides a completely isolated instance of FusionReactor which is just for monitoring and instance management, it will continue running even following a JVM crash. FRAM manages and keeps track of all servers (and instances) so you can quickly and easily install FusionReactor across your environment.

The Setup also allows you to update (or reinstall) an existing installation of FusionReactor 4.5.x as well as update an old version of FusionReactor that has been installed with the 3.x installer. The FusionReactor 4.5.x Setup does not support updating previous installations of FusionReactor 2 or FusionReactor 1.

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