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License Activation - Automatic

You can activate in FRAM by clicking on FusionReactor in the table of contents and then clicking the page titled About. Once on that page you will see a link titled 'Activate current license', clicking this will activate your license.

License Activation - Manual

If you do not have a direct internet connection on the computer you would like to install FusionReactor on, you will have to manually activate your license. Please follow the instructions below to manually activate your license.

  1. Download FusionReactor on a computer with internet access and copy it to your computer without internet access to install.
  2. FusionReactor will recognize you are not connected to the internet and the screen below will appear.
  3. Make a note of the "Activation Input String" and then move over to a computer with internet access.
  4. Click on the link above the "Activation Input String" (, this will take you to an activation page.
  5. Input the "Activation Input String" into the Activation text field and press the Submit button, you will then be given an activation key. Make a note of this.
  6. Return to the computer with FusionReactor installed and copy out the activation key into the text field titled "Activation Key".
  7. Click Activate License to activate your license.

This is where you input your 'Activation Input String'.

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