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  • Installing FusionReactor 4.0 on Mac

This documentation relates to FusionReactor 4.0.x - If you use another version please check here: All Versions
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System Architecture





The FusionReactor setup comes bundled with an appropriate Java Runtime Environment (JRE) so make sure to select the correct executable.



Figure 1: Welcome screen

Figure 1: The first step in the installation wizard is the welcome screen.

Clicking the Next button will proceed with the installation and open the License Agreement as shown in Figure 2. Clicking Cancel will exit the Setup.

Figure 2: License Agreement

Figure 2: Please carefully review the license agreement, then choose the 'I accept the agreement' option (if you accept the terms and conditions), click Next to proceed. Press Cancel if you do not accept the license agreement to exit the setup wizard.

Figure 3: Installation Directory Selection

Figure 3: Now you have to select the directory in which FusionReactor should be installed. By default FusionReactor will be installed into /Applications/FusionReactor/

Figure 4: FusionReactor Administration Manager (FRAM)

Figure 4: The default HTTP port for FRAM is 8087. If you wish to manually specify the ports used by FRAM select the 'Configure ports manually' option, then click Next to configure the server ports (See Figure 5). If you wish to use the default port settings leave the box unchecked and click Next (See Figure 6).

Figure 5: Manually Configuring Ports

Figure 5: Here you can configure the HTTP Port (port to view FusionReactor in a web browser) as well as configure the Control Port (used to listen for shutdown commands). It is important not to use ports that are already in use by other applications. Click Next to use the port configuration you specified. If you wish to use the default port configuration click Back and uncheck the 'Configure ports manually' option.

Figure 6: Administration Manager Password

Figure 6: Specify the password to be used by the Administrator user on FRAM. This password must be more than 5 characters long.

Figure 7: Choose a User and a Group

Figure 7: You will be asked to specify the owner and associated group of the FusionReactor installation directory (including FRAM). Only that user or someone with the same or higher privileges will be allowed to run FRAM.

Figure 8: Ready to Install

Figure 8: Setup can automatically start FRAM as part of the installation procedure. If you do not wish to start FRAM at this moment, or wish to manually start FRAM uncheck the option 'Start FusionReactor Administration Manager''. 

Click Install to begin installing FusionReactor 4.0.x, Back to review the installation configuration or Cancel to exit the installation wizard.

Figure 9: Installation Progress

Figure 9: The installation of FusionReactor 4.0.x may take a few minutes depending on the machine running the Setup.

Figure 10: Finish Screen

Figure 10: After the installation has finished you are presented with a Finish screen. You should now navigate to the Instance Manager located on FRAM to install your other instances of FusionReactor. Launch the Instance Manager by clicking the button 'Start configuring instances' and follow the Initial Server Scan Guide. If you wish to configure your instances later uncheck the option 'Open the Instance Manager on close'' and click the button 'Configure instances later'.

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