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  • Uninstalling FusionReactor on Windows

This documentation relates to FusionReactor 3.5.x - If you use an other Version please check here: All Versions

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To completely remove FusionReactor from your system, you can either use the FusionReactor Uninstaller Start Menu entry or you can use the Windows Control Panel to open the Add or Remove Programs application shown below. The Uninstaller will completely remove the FusionReactor directory including all of the generated data – please take care that you save any files you want to keep before running the uninstaller.

Figure 29: Add or Remove Programs

Once the Uninstaller has been started you must acknowledge the following question

Figure 30: Uninstaller: Remove FusionReactor confirmation

The Uninstaller will then remove FusionReactor completely from your computer. Depending on the server on which FusionReactor is installed the Uninstaller will prompt

Figure 31: Uninstaller: Restart server instance

you if it may restart the target server as shown in Figure 31 resp. that you should manually stop the server before (see Figure 17).

Finally, when FusionReactor has been completely removed acknowledge the dialog shown in Figure 32.

Figure 32: Uninstallation completed

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