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  • Uninstalling FusionReactor on Linux

This documentation relates to FusionReactor 3.5.x - If you use an other Version please check here: All Versions

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To completely remove FusionReactor from your system, you can either double click on the FusionReactor Uninstaller icon in the FusionReactor directory or you can run the uninstall command located in the FusionReactor directory in a shell window. Both methods require you to be the root user.

The uninstaller will completely remove the FusionReactor directory including all generated data – please take care that you save any files you want to keep before running the uninstaller.

Once the uninstaller has started you must acknowledge the following question:

Figure 57: Confirm Uninstallation

The uninstaller will then continue to remove FusionReactor completely from your computer. During this process it might prompt you (Figure 58) to stop and restart certain

Figure 58: Uninstall: Restart server instance

server instances if it can not do this automatically.

While FusionReactor is being removed you see a panel like in Figure 59 showing messages about the actions currently executing.

Figure 59: Uninstall in progress

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