This documentation relates to FusionReactor 3.5.x - If you use an other Version please check here: All Versions

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FusionReactor Setup allows you to easily install FusionReactor on a variety of different application servers, like Adobe ColdFusion 6, 7, 8,and 9 - as well as Adobe LiveCycle ES, Apache Tomcat 4.1 to 6, JBoss 3.2 to 5.0, Jetty 4 to 6, Railo 1 to 3, OpenBD or NewAtlanta ServletExec/AS 5 to 6 running on Windows, MacOS, Linux or Solaris operating systems.

For a full list of supported systems, please take a look at the System Requirements page.

FusionReactor Setup can be used to install a new instance of FusionReactor or to add new instances to an existing FusionReactor 3.0 installation. It can be used to update (resp. reinstall) the current 3.5 installation including all configured instances and to update previous 3.0 versions of FusionReactor that have been installed with the 3.0 installer. Additionally, previous 2.0 or 1.0 versions of FusionReactor can be updated, provided that they have been installed with the InstallShield Multiplatform Wizard as used by the FusionReactor 1.0 Installer.

This document shows you in detail how to use FusionReactor Setup to install FusionReactor on Windows and Linux. Installation on other platforms is done similarly.

In some cases (e.g. on UNIX machines without X) FusionReactor Setup can not be used to install FusionReactor and therefore FusionReactor has to be installed manually. The procedure of manually installing FusionReactor is described comprehensively giving step by step instructions for Windows and Unix operating systems in this document.

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