This documentation relates to FusionReactor 3.5.x - If you use an other Version please check here: All Versions

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FusionReactor 3 encompasses several technologies designed to ease the burden of J2EE (including ColdFusion) support organizations – two of which are Enterprise Monitoring and

Crash Protection.

Crash Protection is, of course, one of the important features of FusionReactor, and has been present since the initial release. FR3 builds on this technology and brings advances in

Restrictions (which requests will be subject to Crash Protection) and we have also extensively reviewed the mechanisms FusionReactor uses to manage and control requests. Server

downtime is often measured in dollars, not minutes, and Crash Protection continues to be a focus of the FusionReactor team.

Enterprise Monitoring (available to customers with enterprise licenses) is completely new for FR3, and brings with it exciting new possibilities to visualize the state of a machine cluster,

together with behind-the-scenes uptime monitoring, and the ability to send mail when a machine becomes unavailable. Easy-to-read instrumentation including color-coding, realtime

graphs and bars, together with advanced grouping, server-offlining and user-definable warning and critical thresholds make our Enterprise Dashboard an essential component for

hosting providers, or customers with a cluster of J2EE (e.g. ColdFusion) installations.

The Enterprise Dashboard is fully explained in our extensive on-line help, and is the subject of a separate guide, so we won't be covering it here, except where necessary to illustrate how a particular issue is visualized.

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