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  • Introducing the FusionReactor JDBC Driver Wrapper

This documentation relates to FusionReactor 3.5.x - If you use an other Version please check here: All Versions

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The FusionReactor JDBC Driver Wrapper allows developers and administrators to control the interaction between Java and a database.  The driver wrapper allows fine-grained metrics and reporting of database activity:

  • Logging of statements which ran against a database
    This feature is useful to help detect deadlocks, see exactly what Statements look like without resorting to manual log output, and to see exactly how your PreparedStatements were bound before being run against the database.
  • Row Limiting
    The integrated row limiter can automatically halt database read activity after a user-specifiable number of rows is reached.  This can stop run-away queries before they become a memory and resource problem.
  • Notification and Reminders
    The driver can optionally notify you when a certain number of rows has been read, and periodically thereafter.  Using this feature, you are able to keep a clear  overview about the volume of data being processed by Java.

The driver wraps any existing JDBC driver and is able to communicate metric data to FusionReactor for easy perusal in the FusionReactor Administrator.  If the driver does not detect FusionReactor running (for instance when running in a standalone Java application), it reports metrics to the standard output stream.

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