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The Source Lookup tab is used to tell FusionDebug where the source files in your Eclipse projects are placed on to your CFML server.












Figure 9: How Lookups are Used

FusionDebug uses the source code lookup rules to tell the CFML server where to set breakpoints and to tell Eclipse which source code to display when a breakpoint is hit. Breakpoints are set within Eclipse but must also be transferred to the CFML server for them to become active.

By configuring your Source Code Lookups, FusionDebug can support multiple Eclipse projects, mapped CFCs and include files and provide support for the various frameworks that can be used with CF.

What's new?

This has had a slight upgrade since FusionDebug 3.5, in that you can now browse for your server files on your local machine. Simply click the "Browse" button and navigate through the hierarchy until you find the CFML folder that contains your .cfm or .cfc files of the server you wish to Debug. Of course, the path to the CFML folder can still be enteded manually if you would prefer.

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