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The Source Code Lookup Tab is split into two sections. The first section allows you to scan for Servers where your CFML files might be located, and add/modify the lookups.

Section 1 - "Add/Modify"

At the very top of the Source Code Lookup Tab is the "Add/Modify" section. From here you have to type in the path to your CFML Server Folder. If the CFML Server folder is located locally you can tick the "Folder is located Locally" check-box and press the "Browse..." button to browse all the files on your machine. You can then locate the CFML Server Folder, click add, and it will populate the drop-down box with the path to the CFML Server Folder for you.

Figure 32: The Source Code Lookup Add/Modify Panel

Section 2 - "Current Source Code Lookup"

At the bottom of the Source Code Lookup Tab you will see the "Current Source Code Lookup" section. Here is where the list of lookups currently configured are contained. If you highlight a lookup and click "Edit", you can edit the Path and re-add it using Section 1. If you highlight a lookup and click "Remove" the lookup will be deleted and a new one will have to be re-added.

Figure 33: The Source Code Lookup Rules Panel


As a lookup is needed in order to make a connection, you will see an error until a lookup is added: "[Source Code Lookup]: There must be a least one source code lookup defined!". Simply navigate to the Source Code Lookup tab and add a lookup to get rid of the error:

Figure 34: The Source Code Lookup Rules Panel


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