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Before Eclipse can be used to debug any ColdFusion applications, you should configure a new project in the Navigator. This enables FusionDebug to locate the correct source code to respond to debugging events like breakpoints, steps etc. This section is going to guide step-by-step on how you can create a new Project in eclipse.

Creating a new Project in Eclipse

For this example, we are going to install a number test files inside the default IIS web folder and we are going to use these as the basis of our project. You can download the FusionDebugTest files  from here,

Please, follow the steps below in order to create a new project.

  1. Start Eclipse if it's not already running, and switch to the FusionDebug Perspective if it does not open automatically (Eclipse remembers the last perspective you used before you shut it down last).
  2. Navigate to File > New > Project.
  3. A new wizard is going to appear.
  4. Open the General tree branch, select Project and then press the Next button.
  5. Enter a meaningful name for your project. For this example I have chosen the name “FusionDebug Tests”. Uncheck the option "Use default location" and since we already have existing files, we can use these instead of starting a new project in the workspace.
  6. Locate the folder containing the files by clicking the Browse button, and when you locate the files then click OK.
    • For this example we have used the following directory: C:\applicationservers\ColdFusion11\cfusion\wwwroot\CTA
  7. Click the Finish button and complete the wizard.

After completing the wizard, the new project with name FusionDebug Tests is going to appear and if you double-click on any file within the project then you should be able to begin editing them. See screenshot below.

Do not delete the .project file – that's an Eclipse internal file used to keep track of your project.


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