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We believe a static manual isn't the best place to demonstrate what FusionDebug can do, so we've prepared some Captivate videos instead.

These will show you how to set breakpoints, use stepping, watch expressions and examine variables.  You can download the files used in the videos from:

You should have a look through the reference sections to clear up any questions you might have, and feel free to drop us a line to the support address if there's anything you feel isn't addressed.

Main Features

Explore Stacks

FusionDebug shows you exactly what CFCs, pages and objects are involved in your request. If you're inside a CFC function, the name of the function is also displayed.

Explore Variables

FusionDebug shows you all ColdFusion variable scopes, including handy Current Query, Local Variables and Function Local variables too.

Explore Breakpoints

FusionDebug keeps track of all your project breakpoints, allowing you to delete them one by one, disable selected breakpoints, or skip them altogether. The Breakpoint View also shows exactly which server file the breakpoint is in.

Explore Expressions

You can add almost any ColdFusion expression and watch the value. The values are updated in real time, whenever a thread steps or pauses, so you can see exactly what ColdFusion sees. Additionally, you can Inspect any variable at any time by highlighting it in your code and selecting “Inspect Expression” from the right-click menu.


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