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What's new in 3.7?

We're excited to bring you another update to FusionDebug - FusionDebug 3.7. Thank you for all the feedback from the previous release, we always appreciate it! Here's a rundown of what's new in 3.7.

Support for ColdFusion Builder 3

We now offer extensive support for Adobe ColdFusion Builder 3. An all-new IDE from Adobe which "is the only professional IDE which allows you to build and deploy web and mobile applications".

Support for ColdFusion 11

Another update from Adobe which has just been released - ColdFusion 11 - is now fully supported with FusionDebug. Including member functions and new CF tags.

What was new in 3.6?

Support for the latest Servers

We now offer extensive support for ColdFusion 9, 10 and Railo 4. This includes full support for Closures, so if your servers are using them - good; you can continue to do so and debug your pages with the latest FusionDebug software. Of course, we still offer full support for CF 6,7,8 and Railo 3.

As well as this, the latest Eclipse (Eclipse Kepler) is also fully supported, along with previous versions (3.1 to 4.3).

Integrated help with Eclipse

FusionDebug now offers help from within the Eclipse environment. Simply navigate to the help contents of Eclipse ("Help" --> "Help Contents") and click on FusionDebug. These help pages offer full help on Setting up a connection to a ColdFusion or Railo server, and debugging a page to get you started.

Browse for your Servers

We've made a slight improvement to the "Source Code Lookup" tab to make it easier to find specific CFML Servers. If your files are located locally, simply browse for a folder by clicking the "Browse" button. Once you have chosen the folder and clicked "open", the path will populate the dropdown box and will be added to the CFML Folder Table. If your folders are located remotely you will not be able to scan your local machine so the browse button can not be used. You can still manually enter the path to your CFML Server folder if you would prefer.

Bug Fixes

We've also worked hard to eliminate the bugs which you reported to us from our 3.5.x release. Here's a quick rundown of the major bug fixes.

Handshake Error

The main one reported by you is now fixed - you can now debug against a 1.7 JVM without receiving any handshaking errors.


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