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  • Introducing the FusionDebug Perspective
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Figure 14: FusionDebug Perspective

After installing FusionDebug, a new Eclipse perspective is available.  The FusionDebug Perspective is illustrated in Figure 14, and can be opened by selecting Window -> Open Perspective -> Other and selecting the FusionDebug perspective.

This perspective is designed to get you started debugging ColdFusion pages.  Broadly, they are as follows:

  • Debug View – shows the current Debug Target to which FusionDebug is connected, along with any Stack Frames which correspond to paused pages.
  • Variables – when a page is suspended, this view shows all the ColdFusion scopes and variables currently available to the page.
  • Breakpoints – lists all the breakpoints currently in use, together with their exact location  on the server.
  • Expressions – lists all the expressions currently being watched.  This view is updated whenever ColdFusion pauses due to a breakpoint or stepping action.
  • Navigator – shows all projects and folders currently in the workspace.
  • Editor Area – this is the largest area in the Perspective, and is initially empty.  Any editors opened will appear here.
  • Internal Web Browser – this is a simple web browser and can be used to call pages to trigger breakpoints.
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