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We're excited to be able to bring you FusionDebug 2.0, and we'd like to thank our users for  the many great suggestions and bug reports you sent us – we truly appreciate it!  Here's a quick rundown of what's new in 2.0.

Source Code Lookups

We have extensively refined how FusionDebug looks up source code.  We also now provide immediate feedback in the Breakpoints View about exactly which file on the server contains the breakpoint, or whether a server file could not be found.

We've completely redesigned the Mappings tab of the configuration dialog (which is now called Source Code Lookups) to make it easy to add lookups for all projects, and for specific Eclipse folders.

Where necessary, we've extended this user manual with appropriate sections which introduce the concept of Source Code Lookups (The Source Lookup Tab).

This should result in far fewer cases of breakpoints not firing, and fewer cases of FusionDebug asking you to find a file manually.

Debug Perspective

We've added a FusionDebug Perspective, which collects together all the views you need to begin debugging ColdFusion applications.  This removes the need to customize the Debug Perspective, and should get you up and running with FusionDebug faster.


In addition to the standard Eclipse Software Install/Update Manager package which can be installed directly within Eclipse from our website, we're also now providing a traditional installer, which will be more familiar for many users.

Server Configuration Wizard

We're also providing a Server Configuration Wizard which is capable of updating your ColdFusion/JRun server configuration file in order to allow ColdFusion to accept connections from FusionDebug.  This should make setting up your configuration easier; of course, you're still free to edit this file by hand (and we provide comprehensive instructions on how to do this).

Inspect Expressions

Instead of creating watch expressions, it's now possible to highlight an expression in your code and have it immediately evaluated and displayed in a dialog box.

Icon changes

We've unified our use of the Red Bug icon (you can see him at the bottom of this page) across the board: in dialogs, menus and documentation.  This should make identifying FusionDebug components within Eclipse much easier.

Bug Fixes

We've also worked hard to eliminate the bugs which you reported to us from our 1.0.0 release.

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