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FusionAnalytics Quick Start Guide


Welcome to the Quick Start Guide for FusionAnalytics. Follow our 10 step tutorial to get FusionAnalytics up and running as soon as possible.

Part 1: Installation

Step 1: Database Configuration
Follow our 3 simple tutorials to get your database ready for FusionAnalytics:

Step 2: Installing FusionAnalytics Server
This guide can assist you with your first installation of FusionAnalytics.

Step 3: Installing the FusionAnalytics AIR Client
Make sure you have the FusionAnalytics AIR Client ready, so that you can view your data.

Part 2: Configuration

Before you start...

  • Have you installed both components of FusionAnalytics Server?
  • Have you installed the FusionAnalytics Client on machines that you want to monitor data from?
  • Do you have FusionReactor installed?
  • Is your database available and ready for data to be imported to it?
  • Do you have the password for the FusionAnalytics 'admin' account ready?
  • Is JavaScript enabled in your web browser?

Step 4: Accessing FusionAnalytics
How to get to the different parts of FusionAnalytics.

Step 5: Setting Up the AIR Client
Set up your AIR Client so that you can view your data once it has imported.

Step 6: Configuring FusionReactor for FusionAnalytics
Making sure your log files get sent to the right place.

Step 7: Setting Up Users
How to create and edit different accounts.

Step 8: Setting Up the Email Server
Receiving important notifications and reports from FusionAnalytics.

Step 9: Setting Up Application Filters
How to make the most of your application.

Step 10: Setting Up TAP and Daily Status Reports
Configuring the reporting feature of FusionAnalytics.

Next Steps

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