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Introducing FusionAnalytics

Out of the box, FusionAnalytics is a comprehensive analytics tool covering a wide spectrum of analytical requirements. It can provide you with everything from high-level monthly trend reporting, all the way down to monitoring the status of individual database requests on a millisecond to millisecond basis. It is designed to be an invaluable tool for everyone, from the manager trying to estimate future hosting costs and requirements, right down to the developer trying to optimize the memory footprint of a troublesome application page.

At its core though, FusionAnalytics is actually a powerful platform capable of running any number of Analytics Apps (each of which could be tailored to a specific purpose and can draw data from any external application or server capable of generating log files). At launch time we currently only support the FusionAnalytics for FusionReactor App, but we will be making other Analytics Apps available over time.

Additionally, you can also customize the standard App or even register for a free Developer License and build your own FusionAnaytics App from scratch. Information on customizing or building new Apps will be coming soon.

If you are new to FusionAnalytics, or don't have any plans to create or modify FusionAnalytics Apps then the User Guide is a good place to begin (once you have everything installed of course). Even if you do plan on building your own Apps in the future, the standard App will give you a good idea of what is possible with the platform.

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